For those who may not be members, the EHMA (The European Hotel Managers Association) is a non-profit association of Hotel Managers operating first-class and luxury hotels across Europe. Each year they host a full weekend conference where talks focus on the future of hospitality, and ideas and knowledge are exchanged with the common goal of fellowship and respect.

FreshBeds was lucky to partner with EHMA for the most recent conference, a 3-day affair held in Noordwijk, a coastal town just outside of Amsterdam. Hotel Managers from all over Europe gathered to exchange ideas and grow together, and to discuss this year’s inspirational theme: ‘Disruptors in Luxury Hospitality’.

The hospitality industry is rapidly evolving and innovating to meet the ever-growing challenges of our high-end, high-performance luxury guests. Never before has there been such a dynamic emphasis on health and wellness, from before a guest steps foot into the lobby until after they check out. Top class, all-inclusive service is our common goal, and we are all key players in the guest journey. At the 2017 EHMA conference, we gathered to discuss how we can best rise to these challenges together.

For FreshBeds to attend such an event was one thing. For us to witness firsthand the dedication of a group of likeminded professionals working towards a common goal was another thing entirely. We are overwhelmed by the passion we saw over that short, packed weekend. EHMA members, we salute you! (Our CEO Barry van Doornewaard was so inspired that he shared these thoughts on our blog.)

Coincidentally enough, the conference started on March 17th, which just so happened to be World Sleep Day. What a better day to kick off a conference where we were all united by one common goal- to provide the very best luxury sleep experience for our guests.

And the interest in FreshBeds was more than we could have hoped for. Several EHMA members were able to experience firsthand the benefits of a proper night’s sleep in a FreshBed, several of which were installed in test bedrooms in the conference hotel.

Their enthusiasm confirmed what our research has already taught us – that the proper combination of innovation, technology, temperature, and design brings the sleep experience to a whole new level. And for our luxury guests- the movers and shakers of the world, the professionals, athletes and celebrities- this experience is crucial to their day-to-day performance.

We are pleased to say that FreshBeds will now be installed in several more luxury hotels throughout Europe. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of FreshBed for your guests, please check out the video below. And when you are ready to deliver the best possible night’s sleep for your luxury guests- sleep backed by innovation, technology, and research- get in touch. Our team is happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Together, we can change sleep for those who change the world.