The FreshBed sleep system features a unique and innovative combination of climate control with active airflow technology. A noiseless unit inside the bed base filters air from the bedroom through a medical HEPA filter and then gently feeds it through the ergonomic custom mattress to your body.

The thermostat inside the unit constantly monitors the airflow and keeps it at your desired temperature. This intelligent active airflow technology enables a faster, deeper, and longer sleep without interruptions, prevents perspiration, and keeps your mattress dry and fresh.

The medical HEPA filter in the climate system ensures that the circulating air is continuously purified, including the capture of fungi, fine dust, bacteria, pollen, virus carriers, and house dust mites.

FreshBed creates a personal microclimate in bed, with constant temperature, ideal humidity, and clean air.

In addition to providing fresh, purified air and a constant temperature under the duvet, FreshBed keeps the humidity in bed in the optimal range of 40-60% to guarantee you an allergy-friendly mattress that stays as fresh and clean as the day it was delivered.

Due to perspiration, the humidity in a conventional bed often exceeds 70%. In a conventional bed, the mattress absorbs about 120 liters of perspiration per person per year. A FreshBed mattress remains dry and free from moisture.

In a FreshBed, only materials are used that ventilate well and ensure good hygiene. Each bed is equipped with a premium pocket spring mattress with custom ergonomic support.

It has been scientifically proven that keeping the body at a constant temperature will result in a better, deeper and more comfortable night’s rest *

– Roy Raymann, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


When it comes to the bed, the quality of your sleep depends on three factors: ergonomics, bed climate, and bed hygiene. According to both science and consumers, the greatest improvements in sleep quality can be achieved by improving the climate and hygiene of the bed. Some important findings:

  • 52% of consumers consider the wrong temperature in bed to be the biggest sleep disturbance after stress (European Bedding Industries Association – 2015).
What prevents a good night sleep
  • By using the patented climate technology you control, your bed’s temperature and climate can be adjusted to your ideal temperature, so you never get too hot or too cold at night. This results in longer and deeper sleep, so you are at your best day after day. Waking up ready to seize the day!
Bed temperature control
  • The best temperature in the microclimate of the bed is therefore in the thermo-neutral zone of 27 to 31 degrees Celsius, with an optimal value of 29 degrees. This is the temperature that best matches the surface of the skin during deep sleep. This doubles the amount of deep sleep you achieve, and significantly reduces the chances of waking up early in the morning *

Personally adjustable temperature control for faster, deeper and longer sleep without interruptions.

Noiseless active ventilation technology for lower humidity and a cleaner and fresher bed.

Air purification with HEPA filter for clean allergy-friendly environment capturing pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, etc.

Perfection in ergonomic sleeping comfort

Sleep system suitable for any bed frame

Bed bug prevention and control

Bed bug prevention and control


A delightful microclimate full of freshness, a perfect temperature, optimal humidity level, purified air, and unparalleled hygiene all lead to a deep and carefree sleep

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