Sleep is as vital for your wellbeing as water


FreshBed was created with the aim of delivering the best possible quality of sleep. The unique sleep system features an innovative combination of climate technology with active ventilation.

A noiseless unit inside the bed’s base filters air from the bedroom through a HEPA filter, then quietly delivers it to your body through an ergonomic mattress. The thermostat inside the unit constantly checks the air flow and maintains it at the temperature you desire. This active ventilation prevents perspiration and keeps your mattress dry and fresh.

In addition to ensuring fresh, purified air and a constant temperature under the duvet, FreshBed keeps humidity in bed well below 50% to guarantee you an allergy-friendly mattress that stays as fresh and clean as the day it was delivered.

It has been scientifically proven that keeping the body at a constant temperature will result in a better, deeper and more comfortable night’s rest *

– Roy Raymann, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


When it comes to a bed, the quality of your sleep depends on the three factors:  ergonomics, bed climate, and bed hygiene. According to both science and consumers, the greatest improvements in sleep quality can be achieved by correcting bed climate and bed hygiene.

Some key findings:

  • 52% of consumers consider the wrong temperature in bed as the biggest sleep disturber after stress (European Bedding Industries Association – 2015). It has been scientifically proven by Roy Raymann (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) that people therefore sleep better when their skin is slightly warmed up. In the correct temperature, people fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and sleep longer.
  • The best temperature in the microclimate of the bed lies therefore in the thermo-neutral zone of 27 to 31 degrees Celsius, with an optimal value of 29 degrees. This is the temperature which best matches your skin’s surface during deep sleep.
  • This doubles the proportion of deep sleep you achieve, and significantly decreases the probability of early morning awakening*:

Comfortable temperature throughout the night, individually adjustable.

Climate technology and noiseless active ventilation combine to create a pleasant microclimate, keeps the bed dry and clean.

Enjoy a fresh, clean, allergy-friendly sleep in purified air.

Our ergonomic mattresses will let you enjoy better health and improved sleep.

Choose the FreshBed that suits your style and size.

Exterminate all bed bugs through heat, without having to use chemicals or pesticides.


A delightful microclimate full of freshness, a perfect temperature, optimal humidity level, purified air and unparalleled hygiene all lead to a deep and carefree sleep

Facts & figures

Research shows that after stress, the biggest cause of sleep disturbance is temperature.
Using patented climate technology that is you control, the temperature and climatic settings of your bed can be adjusted to your ideal temperature so that you never get too hot or too chilly during the night. This results in a longer and deeper sleep, so you can be at your best day in and day out. Wake up ready to seize the day!

Fig 1. Temperature of room/bed during a night on a normal bed

Fig 2. Temperature of room/bed during a night on FreshBed

* Source: Roy Raymann, “Mild skin warming, a non-pharmological way to modulate sleep and vigilance”, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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