Bed bugs

Designed to fight the bed bug

The design of the FreshBed iFo and the use of ultra-smooth composite is unique, making it practically impossible for the bed bug to climb up. Also, the legs form a physical barrier for the beg bug and make it harder for the bed bugs to get into the bed on their own. Additionally, the headboard can be attached to the bed in a suspended manner, away from the floor and wall, making the legs the only connection with the floor.

The bed bugs will not speedily steer for a FreshBed. Normally, they pinpoint the sleeper by heading for warmth and body odor (for instance, CO₂). This is made more difficult by the built-in active ventilation system, which ensures the sleeper is surrounded by purified air with a personally adjustable temperature. This active ventilation keeps the temperature in bed constant throughout the night. Additionally, it also makes sure that the air around the sleeper is constantly purified, making it harder for the bed bug to locate the sleeper. In this way, body odor and warmth are dispersed throughout the entire room.

FreshBed's unique Heat Treatment Concept

In the unlikely event that a bed bug – or egg or larva – has worked its way into the FreshBed, it is easy to fit the bed with the specially developed Heat Treatment Device.

The most effective method to fight bed bugs is heat treatment. At a temperature of at least 50 degrees Celsius, bed bugs, eggs, and larvae will be exterminated through dehydration.

What makes FreshBed’s Heat Treatment Concept (patent pending) unique is that the bed is heated from the inside towards the outside. The FreshBed actively ventilates HEPA purified air at the desired temperature from the bed base through the mattress. When the bed bug starts moving because of the rising temperature, it will habitually move from inside the bed to outside the bed, not vice versa.

The additional Heat Treatment Device heats the entire bed to a minimum of 50 degrees Celsius instantly to help ending all life stages of the bed bug. Without using chemicals or pesticides!

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