Sleep is as vital for your wellbeing as water


FreshBed uses a sleep system that features several unique and patented technologies. In purified air, your guests will be able to set the temperature under the duvet to their preferred temperature and enjoy bed linen that stays delightfully crisp. It will offer your guests the ultimate in luxury sleeping, helping them feel fitter and improve their performance.

A silent unit inside the bed’s base filters air from the bedroom through a Hepa filter, then quietly delivers it to your body through an ergonomic mattress. The thermostat inside the unit constantly checks the air flow and maintains it at the temperature you prefer.

In addition to ensuring fresh air and a constant temperature, the combination of climate technology and active ventilation regulates the relative humidity level, keeping it below 50% to guarantee you a fresh, clean and allergy-friendly bed.

Comfortable temperature throughout the night, individually adjustable.

Climate technology and noiseless active ventilation combine to create a pleasant microclimate, keeps the bed dry and clean.

Enjoy a fresh, clean, allergy-friendly sleep in purified air.

Our ergonomic mattresses will let you enjoy better health and improved sleep.

Choose the FreshBed that suits your style and size.

Exterminate all bed bugs through heat, without having to use chemicals or pesticides.


The combination of cool fresh air, hygene and low moisture takes care of a deep and carefree sleep. And that’s what your guest remembers best! At least that’s what research tells us…


Temperature-regulated fresh air, hygiene and the absence of moisture combine to guarantee a deep and undisturbed night’s sleep. This is what your guest will remember most of all! At least that’s what research tells us…

  • 38% of consumers consider the wrong temperature in bed as the biggest sleep disturber after stress (European Bedding Industries Association).
  • Guests expect heated duvets that heat up or cool down according to the body temperature.
  • Guests expect mattresses that are self-cleaning and resistant to bacteria. (The Sleep Council, 2013).
  • The average person considers 27 to 29 degrees under the duvet to be ‘thermoneutral’, whereas temperatures in traditional beds can rise up to 34 degrees Celsius.
  • Statistics show that more and more people are checking websites that provide information on hygiene and bed bugs in hotels all over the world.
  • 78% of consumers trust recommendations on social media ( This means that providing your guests with the perfect sleeping system would be an ideal marketing tool for your hotel.

It has been scientifically proven that keeping the body at a constant temperature will result in a better, deeper and more comfortable night’s rest *

– Roy Raymann, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Facts & figures

Research shows that after stress, the biggest cause of sleep disturbance is temperature. Thermoneutral temperature for humans is between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius under the duvet, and that’s why, for maximum comfort, FreshBed lets your guests set the temperature and ventilation individually. This results in a longer and deeper sleep, so they can be at their best the next day!

Fig 1. Temperature of room/bed during a night on a normal bed

Fig 2. Temperature of room/bed during a night on FreshBed

* Source: Roy Raymann, “Mild skin warming, a non-pharmological way to modulate sleep and vigilance”, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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