August 29, 2022

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LANS Better Sleep Programme 2.0 


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with The Lanserhof Sylt in Germany in the launch of their new sleep programme that combines FreshBed’s, innovative sleep technology and naturopathic insights to optimise sleep quality for guests. 


The LANS Better Sleep Programme 2.0 has been designed by Lanserhof’s medical team to offer a multidimensional approach for optimising sleep quality, using a number of scientific diagnostic methods in order to identify disruptive factors and screen for any underlying medical triggers of poor sleep. 


The programme includes three core components of diagnostics, quality of sleep during the stay and therapy. 


Each guest‘s individualised sleep programme is accompanied by multidimensional therapy; from respiratory muscle training with a Lanserhof physiotherapist; to Chronotherapie, which takes the sleep-awake rhythm into focus. The tailored therapies are supplemented by white-noise reduction, light therapy for evening stress reduction, self-awareness training and evening meditations.  


At Lanserhof Sylt, suites are equipped with FreshBeds to create an optimal sleep climate, minimising disruption due to overheating or being too cold. Each FreshBed is designed with an active featherlight air flow and medical grande HEPA 13 filters inside the base. This filters the air from the surroundings, delivering it to the body through the swiss engineered ergonomic mattress. The aim is to keep the ideal temperature, reduce humidity and keep the mattress dry and fresh, to create a longer and deeper sleep.  


In addition, clean and purified air contributes to your health and helps you relax and prevents irritation of the respiratory tract, especially in people prone to respiratory problems. The active featherlight airflow also repels dust mites and keeps your bed fresh and clean providing you with safe air while you sleep.  


Lanserhof’s Better Sleep 2.0 was developed to optimise guests’ sleep with state-of-the-art technology in combination with the renowned LANS MED concept, and we are proud to partner with them in these efforts to bring better sleep to guests.  


Good sleep is conducive to a better quality of life. Those who do not sleep well over a longer period of time inevitably suffer from various problems in everyday life: tiredness, reduced ability to perform and concentrate, and mood swings are only some of the possible consequences.  

In the search for better sleep, we highly recommend the Lanserhof Sylt Better Sleep Programme. Book your stay, and enjoy a week of deep relaxation brought to you by the experts in sleep.  


About Lanserhof  


The Lanserhof has stood for an innovative vital medical institution for more than 30 years and, with its concept, a multi-award-winning medical institution in Europe. The LANS Med concept is a symbiosis of traditional naturopathy and most modern medicine. As early as 2012, LANS Medicum Health Centre in Hamburg built the head office in Lans/Tyrol. In January 2014 the Lanserhof on Lake. 

Tegernsee opened. In September 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Lanserhof was awarded World’s Best Medical Spa as part of the World Spa Awards. In January 2017 – after conversion and expansion – the Lanserhof LANS opened a new building with a seawater pool and a cold chamber. For 2019, the opening of a city branch in London ( Mayfair) is planned in partnership  with the prestigious Members Club The Arts Club. Furthermore, the Lanserhof Sylt – the first Lanserhof by the sea – opens its doors in 2020.