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Does it make noise?

No, a FreshBed is noiseless. In normal circumstances, you will not hear any sound. That is one of the things which makes a FreshBed unique. Creating a quiet bedroom environment is one of the keys to a full, healthy night’s rest. From the beginning of the development of the FreshBed quietness was one of the criteria it had to meet, and we succeeded in that. Thanks to the smooth and silent running fan and the design and material of the air duct, it’s the quietest source of air delivered of any consumer appliance. All technology is well hidden in an insulated unit inside the bed’s base for total silence.

How about electrosmog/electromagnetic fields and safety?

The FreshBed comes with a cable remote control. We have consciously chosen this instead of operating it with an App. Because you will not use it much and because a perfect sleeping environment has little radiation.

Bedrooms are a place for rest, relaxation, and intimacy that has no need for computers mobile phones, and tablets that prevent us from falling asleep and can also be disruptive throughout the night. Beeps, buzzes, and even the tiniest standby lights can wreak havoc with the body’s circadian rhythm, so it’s better when they are switched off at the mains or banned completely.

All the technology of FreshBed is housed in an insulated unit – the Temperature Controlled Air Generator, well hidden inside the bed’s base at the foot end away from the body.

The fan operates on a 24 Volt low-voltage current, making it extremely safe to use and the enclosure of the unit has a Cage of Faraday construction for preventively blocking possible electromagnetic fields.

To provide you with maximum certainty on this issue, the Temperature Controlled Air Generator has been certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service. A test according to EN 62233:2008 (Measurement methods for Electromagnetic Fields of household appliances and similar apparatus with regard to human exposure) is part of this certification. This ensures the safety of human beings or other biological organisms and appliances in electromagnetic fields.

Will the FreshBed save me money on my utility bills?

We recommend having your FreshBed permanently connected to the electricity grid for maximum comfort and benefits.

Using FreshBed lets you reduce your whole home heating and cooling thermostat settings the entire night and still be happy and comfortable in your climate-controlled bed. Why heat or cool the whole house at night when all you care about for those 8 hours are the temperature between the sheets? Lowering the thermostat in your home will save you more than the FreshBed costs, making it an energy saver.

Consumption of electricity per hour for a double bed: 55 Watt*
Price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) (NL) € 0.22

Calculation of annual energy costs:
55W x 24h x 365 days / 1,000W = 481.8 kWh
481.8 kWh x € 0.22 = € 106.00 yearly energy cost for a double bed

€ 0.29 for a double bed per day

(€ 0.15 for a single bed per day)

* by an average room temperature of 20°C

Is the climate system always on when connected to power?

Yes, this is on purpose.

Thanks to the innovative combination of climate technology with active ventilation FreshBed remains free of moisture, mold, bacteria, and house dust mite by keeping relative humidity in the bed around 50%.

The humidity in the mattress is achieved by the technology hidden in the bed’s base. The silent unit within the bed base sucks air from the bedroom and filters it, to then quietly transport it through the mattress to your body at the temperature you desire. And makes sure humidity inside the mattress is kept low.

If the humidity in the bedroom is higher than the humidity inside the mattress, the dry mattress will (just like a sponge) extract water vapor from the air which increased the humidity inside the mattress. This is prevented by having the system always on. Besides, it makes sure particles, allergens, and gases in the bedroom are removed automatically by the HEPA filter, guaranteeing fresh and clean indoor air quality in the bedroom.

Last but not least, switching the bed on and off every day will consume more energy.

When and how to change temperature and or ventilation?

See the user manual which you can also download here as a PDF.

Please note it will take some time before the new temperature can be felt, just like the working of a thermostat in your living room. The thermostat inside the unit in the bed base will change the temperature of the outgoing air immediately, but it needs to go through your mattress and top mattress of which the materials also have to adopt the changed temperature.

We recommend changing the ventilation settings only when it’s clammy or if you feel perspiration. And please note a higher ventilation setting can have a cooling effect on your body temperature because of the increased passing-flow of air (the wind chill factor).

Is it possible to preheat the bed?

Yes, just set the temperature a higher at least half an hour before you go to bed, and put it back to the normal temperature when you go to sleep.

Will I feel air blowing on me in the bed?

No, you will not feel it blowing. It is more like sleeping on a cloud of temperature-controlled air. The air comes from the entire mattress surface and is very gentle and subtle. Only when you adjust the ventilation harder than default mode you might feel some air passing you.

Is there any maintenance required?

None whatsoever other than cleaning the washable pre-filter now and then under the sink, and renewing the filters (pre-filter and HEPA filter) every 12 months.

Check on the pre-filter (under the bed at the foot end, you can easily take it out) every three months, more often if you have pets sleeping next to your FreshBed.

Do not open the Air Generator. There are no serviceable parts inside. Leave HEPA filter replacement to qualified service personnel.

What happens if the air intake or exhaust gets blocked?

We designed the bed anticipating all sorts of unexpected things to happen to it. Under normal use, the unit in the bed base should not see blockages to the air, but if it does the unit automatically adjusts to keep the output temperatures stable and consistent. The unit will automatically shut down if there is a problem to protect itself.

Do you necessarily need a FreshBed mattresses?

Yes, the FreshBed mattresses and top mattresses are specifically designed to ensure maximum delivery of a temperature-controlled airflow around you while you sleep. Made of carefully selected materials they provide unique comfort and a fresh and hygienic sleep experience.

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