Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Verify that all cables are firmly placed in the air generator.
  • Verify that the power cable is firmly placed in the socket and that the socket has power.
  • Ensure that the cable grommet is placed to avoid any air escaping.
  • Attach the legs of the bed firmly and make sure the connector piece holds the two sides of the bed together tightly.
  • Verify that all components are aligned correctly with the FreshBed logo on the base, mattrass, and topper all at the foot end.

The FreshBed is extremely quiet. On an average setting, no sound can be heard.
Check if the remote control is active, if the remote turns on when pressing a button your system is on.
To check airflow, select the boost mode, and check if you can hear the air blowing. If airflow is not heard, remove the mattress and slatted frame and check if you can feel the air coming from the air outlet in the air generator.

Press a button to see if the remote is active.
If you are experiencing issues, you can reset the remote control by holding the buttons “<” and “>”  simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Verify that the remote control is active.
If you are using the app: the turning fan should indicate that the air flow is on.
Make sure nothing is blocking the air inlet and outlet below and inside the bed.

The temperature and fan speed can be adjusted to create the ideal microclimate for your sleep. Whenever adjusting the temperature and fan speed we advise to change these in small increments and try the new setting out for a few nights before making any additional changes.
The FreshBed is designed to provide an optimal cooling or heating experience, in a room with average room temperature. For high quality sleep, it is recommended that the room temperature be between 17-20 °C (62.5–68 °F) . The air you breathe also largely impacts how you feel while sleeping. Make sure your room is not too hot (not warmer than >20°C (68 °F) to ensure that the FreshBed is able to provide an optimal cooling sensation.
Make sure that the bottom side of the mattress is flush with the FreshBed-base so no air can escape.
Ensure that your sheets have an open structure which allows the air to flow through properly. For advice, please contact your local reseller.

This is done automatically when switching on the FreshBed. Thermal comfort is not only determined by the temperature in the bed, but also by the humidity. With higher humidity levels, warmth can be perceived as feeling warmer and it can also be harder to cool down.

The default setting for a FreshBed is the FreshBed Temperature™ (around 22 °C / 73°F). We always advise new users to experience this setting for a few nights, before changing to a cooler or warmer setting.
It is recommended to just change the settings in small increments (per night) and experience a full night with any given setting,
If you need to make further changes to reach a comfortable setting, you can do so by moving the white indicator circle on the temperature bar or the fan speed bar, to adjust the temperature and fan speed.
➢ If you prefer to have a cooler setting for your FreshBed, increase the fan speed and lower the temperature slightly. Additionally we recommend the use of a light duvet.
➢ If you prefer to have the a warmer setting for your FreshBed,  increase the temperature only slightly and keep the fan speed in the neutral setting. Additionally we recommend the use of a light duvet.

Environmental factors and personal preferences will affect/impact your optimal settings.
The FreshBed Sleep System is used with breathable bed linen. For additional advice on duvets, breathable bed linen, mattress protectors and fitted sheets reach out to the RH Textile team.


The full FreshBed technology is housed in a full metal insulated unit – and the Active Climatized Airflow System is well hidden inside the bed’s base at the foot end away from the body.

The silent fan operates on a 24 Volt low-voltage current, making it extremely safe to use and the enclosure of the unit has a Cage of Faraday construction for preventively blocking possible electromagnetic fields.

The Active Climatized Airflow System is compliant with US Federal regulations and approved against UL 499 and FCC Part 15.107 & 109.

During sleep, WIFI can be switched off to eliminate the EMF radiation. Features like: Promote Falling Asleep, Waking up and Bed Hygiene Boost can still be used while the WIFI is switched off. Instead of using WIFI the FreshBed can also be controlled with a Remote Cable Control without an internet connection.

Disclaimer: The FreshBed consumption can be cost neutral since you power usage of the heating system and AC unit can be reduced during sleep as well as humidity control in the FreshBed reducing the number of times bed linens may need to be washed.  Environmental factors and personal preferences can impact the energy consumption of the heating systems and AC unit.

Upon registration of the FreshBed (see assembly checks) the customers will receive an email at least 2 months prior to the annual replacement date. The RH service support will schedule an appointment with the customer for the HEPA replacement filters.  

The FreshBed App contains extra features compared to the remote control. FreshBed App makes it possible to control your FreshBed remotely and to control multiple beds at once. If you wish not to use the FreshBed App in the evening (in order to fall asleep with greater ease) you can use the remote control as an alternative to using a phone.

Yes, that is possible. With usage of the remote control, you can turn your FreshBed on and off, as well as set the temperature and ventilation speeds. The Falling Asleep Mode and the Boost Mode can also be used with the remote control. Because the usage of your phone in the evening can cause troubles falling asleep, we offer the remote control as an additional option to control your bed. The remote control is a standard feature and is included with every bed we supply.

To connect and control your FreshBed via the FreshBed App, a connection with internet is necessary. Without a internet connection you can still use your FreshBed, however, you will only be able to change the settings with the remote control. Please keep in mind that the functionality of your FreshBed is more extensive when the FreshBed App is used.

The FreshBed can be connected via WIFI or Ethernet. This way the FreshBed will have a connection with the internet and can be paired with the FreshBed App. See Appendix “Connecting the FreshBed to the Internet”.
To connect the FreshBed to the internet the power supply must be switched on. If the remote-control works, the FreshBed can connect to internet.

When using WIFI:
• Ensure that the WIFI antenna is properly tightened and is pointing straight up.
• A 2.4Ghz channel is used. If any 5Ghz channels are activated make sure they are deactivated.
• A Firewall may block the Internet communication tp the FreshBed. Make sure the mac-address are whitelisted.
• When the WIFI is disconnected, the FreshBed will automatically reconnect to the WIFI network once switched back on again.
• In case the WIFI network i changed (i.e. a new router is installed), it is necessary to reconnect the FreshBed to the WIFI and pair the FreshBed App to the FreshBed (see also “Connecting the FreshBed to the Internet” instructions.
• In case of connectivity issues using WIFI we advise you to reach out to your local IT consultant.

When using Ethernet:
• The Ethernet cable needs to be plugged into the Air Generator Unit into the LAN portal

Follow the instruction of the Appendix “Connecting the FreshBed to the Internet”. In order to establish the connection, please keep in mind that both your phone and your FreshBed need a stable internet connection. With the option ‘Pair’, to be found under ‘Settings’ on the remote control, you can connect your phone with your FreshBed.

• Download the app from the app store
• Create a user account in the app or log in with your credentials
• Make sure the bed is turned on and there is WIFI available in your room
• In the FreshBed app “FreshBeds” page click on “New/Connect Bed”
• Follow walkthrough in the apps which guides you through the setup.
• To scan the QR code, go to the remote control and go to the settings page
• Enter the settings page
• Go to the “pair” page click enter, a QR code will be shown
• Scan the QR code
• Press okay, the bed starts searching networks
• The app will ask to connect through Bluetooth for the connection of the bed, this can be turned off again after the connection is completed.
• Select the WIFI network you want to use for connecting the Bed
• Enter the password for the network
• When screen with “connected” appears, press OK
• Give the bed a name
• Press connect, the WIFI has now been connected and the bed can be controlled using the app.

No, this is not necessary. During sleep you can switch off the WIFI. This will happen every night. This schedule will automatically end after the Waking Up schedule, after 10 hours, or when you switch off this schedule. The settings Promote Falling Asleep, Promote Waking up and Bed Hygiene Boost can still be used while WIFI is switched off.

With usage of the remote control, you can disconnect your bed from the internet. It is, however, not possible to change the settings for the FreshBed with the FreshBed App when the FreshBed is not connected to internet.

Yes, the FreshBed is equipped with a Stand-by Mode to lower the temperature and fan speed while the FreshBed is not in use. The Stand-by Mode will be active between 8 am and 8 pm unless another schedule is running. After ending Stand-by Mode the FreshBed will activate any personalized settings.

Disclaimer: The FreshBed consumption can be cost neutral since you power usage of the heating system and AC unit can be reduced during sleep as well as humidity control in the FreshBed reducing the number of washing bedlinen. Environmental factors and personal preferences can impact the energy consumption of heating systems and AC unit.