Indulge yourself in a wonderful deep sleep to unleash your highest performance potential


At FreshBed, we believe that the secret to vitality is found in a really good night’s sleep. Research has shown time and time again that the benefits of a proper night’s sleep are incredible: increased mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Increased performance. Improved memory. Reduced stress. Sharper focus. Weight loss. Improved appearance. The list goes on.

Good sleep is simply priceless- a solid foundation for a happier, healthier, more energetic life.

Our mission at FreshBed is to transform the way you sleep by improving the quality of your sleep. We want you reach your peak performance day in and day out using the restorative powers that only sleep can deliver.

Quality sleep: Make each sleeping hour count

In today’s world, sleep is a commodity- precious but elusive. While we can’t make you sleep longer, what we can do is make sure those treasured hours that you do manage to sleep are completely optimised.

It’s time to focus on the quality of your sleep.

When developing FreshBed, we focused on important but often overlooked areas where sleep could be improved- bed climate, bed hygiene, air and humidity. We created one bed which actively improves these areas and works to deliver an extraordinary sleep experience in a perfect, bespoke sleep environment.

FreshBed has been designed to pull you into a state of deep relaxation from the moment you enter your bed. By removing the barriers between you and sleep, FreshBed allows your body to immediately begin to relax and get to work refueling your mind, your body and your spirit, making each moment in bed count.

Think of it as an overnight spa experience for your soul. You will be pampered throughout the night while you sleep, and awaken refreshed and ready to conquer another day.

Temperature Control: The perfect microclimate throughout the night

With FreshBed, you control the temperature and create the ideal microclimate tailored to your own preference.

Science has proven that by controlling the temperature of your sleeping environment and enjoying a constant temperature throughout the night, you can vastly improve your sleep. You will never again be too warm or cold. No more sweating or chills, no more tossing and turning. You will fall asleep sooner and sleep deeper and longer with fewer interruptions throughout the night.

Purified Air: Breathe in the new day with purified air all night

Air purification is a vital component to getting a full night’s sleep. It eliminates allergens that cause congestion and inflammation, filtering out 99.97% of microscopic allergens and indoor pollution, such as mould spores, pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander and skin.

In a FreshBed, an active HEPA filter works silently throughout the night to deliver purified air into the bed under the duvet where you need it most. What you get is simply fresh, clean air, peace of mind, and unparalleled sleeping comfort.

Humidity control: keep unwanted bedfellows at bay

The affects of temperature control and active ventilation have the added benefit of keeping relative humidity in bed well below 50%. FreshBed therefore remains free of moisture, mould, bacteria and house dust mites, which cannot thrive in low humidity.

Every morning your bed will feel as fresh and crisp as when you entered it, and you will wake up feeling charged with positive energy.

Discover an extraordinary sleep experience

Allow your mind and body to experience the joy of wellness while you sleep. By spending the night in a FreshBed, you will be giving yourself the gift of a delightfully deep sleep, and tapping into the secret to optimal health and happiness.

Enjoy sleeping to the fullest. And above all, expect to sleep beyond your expectations.



  • Fall asleep quicker and enjoy deeper, uninterrupted longer sleep through constant temperature
  • sleep in purified air: the built-in HEPA filter automagically removes 99,97% of allergens and pollutants from the air in the bedroom
  • asthma and allergy friendly


  • individually adjustable temperature control keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • ergonomic mattresses with pocket springs work to keep your body aligned harmoniously
  • always enjoy the feeling of clean and crisp bedlinen and a mattress as dry and new as it was delivered


  • your body temperature is regulated while you are sleeping and as a result perspiration is prevented
  • temperature control and noiseless active ventilation keeps relative humidity in bed well below 50%: your bed remains free of moisture, mould, bacteria and house dust mite
  • the design version ensures bedbugs cannot climb up, CO₂ is dispersed upwards through subtile ventilation of HEPA filtered air, preventing bed bugs detecting the body
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