Our Heritage

Fusing European Luxury

And Sleep Science For The Perfect Sleep Experience

My family has been in the luxury bedding industry for over 100 years. During my years at specialty bed stores, I gained experience with all high-end luxury brands in the top segment of the bed industry. It was then that I learnt everything about beds, mattresses, materials, manufacturing, and the most critical factors for a perfect night’s rest: temperature, humidity, air quality, and hygiene.

My passion led to a search for the perfect bed. I studied the research findings of the Dutch sleep scientist Dr. Roy Raymann, whose work on thermoregulation has shown how sleep quality can be improved through environmental optimization. I have seamlessly combined the latest thermoregulation technology with high-quality traditional European mattress design.

Where others started to work combining technology, data, and temperature, I focused on the complete microclimate integrated in a high-quality sleep system. I wanted significantly improve sleep quality. 

FreshBed has proven itself in practice for almost ten years and has created a solid basis to start working with data and gather more scientific evidence to optimize the functionalities.

Sleep is the ultimate foundation of your health and well-being. It empowers your body to repair and restore. Your mind, to be alert and energized.  

To be the best version of yourself: a good night’s sleep is gold.

Carpe noctem,

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