driven by passion and experience

FreshBed is the result of years of research and determined Dutch entrepreneurship. Dutch design, made in the Netherlands.

FreshBed founder and inventor, Barry van Doornewaard, has extensive experience in the top segment of the bed industry. During his years at specialty bed shops, he learned everything he needed to know about beds and mattresses. On top of that, he learned the most important factors for a perfect night’s sleep: temperature, humidity, and hygiene.

That is why Van Doornewaard developed FreshBed: a sleeping system with climate technology and active ventilation that offers your guests a comfortable fresh microclimate with an ideal temperature and unrivalled hygiene.

FreshBed thus offers distinctive character for every luxury hotel. The current hotel trend is focused on wellness. FreshBed helps hotels by creating a 24/7 wellness experience for their guests – a treat for their ultimate wellness. As van Doornewaard says, “The best way to serve the people who change the world is to change and improve their sleep.”

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