What's the use of beautiful, if it isn't useful?


FreshBed represents the pinnacle of years of research and sound Dutch entrepreneurship. Founder and inventor of FreshBed Barry van Doornewaard has extensive experience in the high-end bedding retail business. It was there that he learned everything there is to know about beds, mattresses and the key factors that collectively contribute to the perfect night’s sleep: temperature, humidity and hygiene!

Van Doornewaard invented FreshBed: a sleeping system with climate technology and active ventilation that will treat your guests to a comfortable microclimate bursting with freshness, an ideal temperature and unparalleled hygiene. What’s more, Van Doornewaard had come up with the ideal marketing tool for every luxury hotel.

Dutch design, made in the Netherlands. As Van Doornewaard says… “if you want to cater to the people that change the world, you had better change the way they sleep”.

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