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The world of luxury hotels is highly competitive and if you intend to go beyond the expectations of your most demanding guests, delivering an impeccable sleep experience is the key. With the bed being your hotel’s most important asset, FreshBed gives you a chance to stand out from the competition.

FreshBed is the sleep system that will treat your guests to a comfortable microclimate bursting with freshness, an ideal temperature and unparalleled hygiene for a longer, deeper sleep. This system will make your guests feel fitter, improve their mental agility and help them perform at their very best.

A well-rested, satisfied customer who has enjoyed the luxury of a wonderful night’s rest will be the best ambassador you could ever wish for. FreshBed will help you change the game.


  • 63% of hotel guests found they had a deeper sleep and felt fully refreshed after a night on a FreshBed
  • 41% of hotel guests would revisit a hotel with a FreshBed
  • 44% would recommend a hotel to their family and friends just because of FreshBed
  • Use FreshBed as a complement to your hotel’s wellness program, creating a 24/7 wellness experience that continues to pamper your guests throughout the night


FreshBed is a sleep system that features an innovative combination of climate technology with active ventilation. Using a remote control, your guests will be able to set the climate under the duvet to their preferred temperature and enjoy bed linen that stays delightfully crisp all night long.

A silent unit inside the bed’s base filters air in the bedroom through a Hepa filter, then quietly delivers fresh, clean air to your guest all night long through the ergonomic mattress. The thermostat inside the unit regulates the air flow and maintains the temperature your guest prefers.

In addition to ensuring fresh air and a constant temperature which prevents perspiration, the combination of climate technology and active ventilation regulates the relative humidity level, keeping it below 50% to guarantee a fresh, clean, and allergy-friendly bed. Each guest will enjoy a bed as fresh and clean as the day it was delivered.

Give your guests the gift of fantastic sleep. Your guests will enjoy the ultimate luxury of a deep, restful sleep, and will wake up fully refreshed in the morning, ready to seize the day.

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