FreshBed as Privileged Supporting Partner at the 2017 EHMA Conference


For those who may not be members, the EHMA (The European Hotel Managers Association) is a non-profit association of Hotel Managers operating first class and luxury hotels across Europe. Each year they host a full weekend conference where talks focus on the future of hospitality, and ideas and knowledge are exchanged with the common goal of fellowship and respect.

In Pursuit of Innovation and a New Luxury Hospitality

FreshBed EHMA

Two weekends ago, FreshBed joined the annual European Hotel Managers Association as a Privileged Supporting Partner and spent an inspiring weekend in Noordwijk with Hotel Managers from 4 and 5 star hotels across Europe. This year’s theme ‘Disruptors in Luxury Hospitality’. After such a thought-provoking weekend with passionate industry professionals, I have been pondering the […]

FreshBed in Hotel Management International magazine

FreshBed HMI

The international magazine for hospitality discovered the FreshBed and the possibilities it offers to this industry, and it devoted a page to it, in Hotel Magazine International’s Winter-edition 2016.

FreshBed in Amstel Hotel Magazine #7

As everyone knows, there is nothing so important to health and well-being as a good night’s rest – and that means, first and foremost, undisturbed sleep. Countless factors influence sleep quality, but it starts with a good, fresh and clean bed that does not feel clammy and is at a comfortable temperature.