Sleepless nights during menopause?

December 28, 2022

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There is a solution!

It’s quite shocking: About 60% of menopausal women have serious trouble sleeping, according to the Sleep Foundation. With night sweats and hot flashes being the main reasons for this (80%). The hormonal changes happening in the body are a given, they are at the core of menopausal symptoms. Some women try to change this with the help of hormone treatments or sleeping pills, but the question remains: Is there a different and better way to improve your sleep during this period?

The answer is YES.

Hot flashes, mood changes, and trouble sleeping.

When asked what women suffer most from during menopause, they will most likely mention these symptoms. So, what causes these hot and sleepless nights during this time period?

Estrogen, the “master regulator, is responsible for the onset of night sweats and hot flashes both. The hypothalamus regulates our body temperature. This part of the brain has lots of estrogen receptors and carries along happily as long as the estrogen keeps coming.

But when estrogen declines in perimenopause and menopause this brain structure gets confused, and the regulation between freezing or overheating, and body temperature, can roller coaster as the brain tries to figure it out.

So how can menopausal night sweats get relief?

While a poor night’s sleep (i.e.: short nights and interrupted sleep) is not just tiring it can also affect your quality of life enormously. It also can have a direct effect on your health, your energy, and your mental state. This is the reason why many people, worldwide, have resorted to sleeping medication. Sadly, however, there can be unpleasant side effects associated with these and the benefits of natural sleep are missed.

And while there is no cure for the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, there are ways to manage the sleep-destroying heat.

The solution can be found in the bedroom. Preferably in a dark, cool, and quiet room, with the secret hiding under your covers. Interrupt the heat as it’s happening!

This means choosing mattresses and covers from materials with optimal ventilating features is essential, and having active ventilation and temperature regulation (underneath your covers) is the ultimate solution. Ultimately, the core of the FreshBed Sleep System.

The essence is to keep your bed cool and well-ventilated, to prevent night sweats before they begin.

Up to 94 % improved sleep results

A recent study from the North American Menopause Society revealed that a ventilated cover with temperature control can improve the quality of sleep during menopause by 83-94%.

With temperature control and noiseless active airflow, the FreshBed Sleep System, ensures you have the right temperature throughout the night including medical-grade purified air (with the help of HEPA filters up to 99.9%), to minimize the impact of hot flashes which are most commonly responsible for interrupted sleep during menopause.

How long does menopause last?

On average, for most women, menopause can last anywhere between 5 and 10 years. The symptoms, however, such as hot flashes and night sweats can continue for much longer. Therefore, if you are suffering from these symptoms you might want to consider a long-term remedy instead of the usual short-term solutions (i.e.: sleep medications).

The FreshBed Sleep System focuses on sleep comfort and optimization through temperature and humidity regulation and can offer the natural remedy that matters the most.

Menopause does not have to mean discomfort. You should be able to live enjoyably and sleep peacefully, and your partner should also not be troubled by a restless bedfellow.

Note: Remember to speak to your doctor to discuss treatment options.