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July 1, 2023

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As FreshBed, the pioneer in climate-controlled Sleep Systems, we are excited to announce our partnership and live integration with INTELITY®, a leading hospitality guest experience, and staff management platform provider. This integration epitomizes the convergence of comfort, luxury, and technology, setting a new industry standard for personalized guest experiences. 


Our CEO, Barry van Doornewaard, underscores that the FreshBed-INTELITY integration is a boon for hotels that prioritize wellness and health. “For any hotel looking to elevate their experience, beds are a high-end differentiator sometimes overlooked,” Barry states. “With our INTELITY relationship, we will be able to offer a seamless smart room integration that can further elevate the guest experience.” 


RH Guesthouse in New York City, a bespoke luxury hotel developed by Restoration Hardware, already showcases the benefits of our collaboration. Guests at RH Guesthouse can easily configure their sleep settings using the INTELITY-powered smart room tablet. This includes a unique “Sleep Mode”, automatically adjusting the room and the FreshBed to the optimal settings for a perfect night’s sleep. For couples, the FreshBed integration even offers dual temperature regulation for individualized comfort. 

Handcrafted with Swiss precision, our FreshBed mattresses are designed to enhance sleep quality by offering superior temperature and humidity regulation. Through our silent active airflow technology, air drawn in from the underside of the bed passes through a medical-grade HEPA filter, purifying it from allergens, bacteria, and other harmful particles. This purified air then circulates through the FreshBed mattress, creating an optimal, allergen-free sleep environment. 


Robert Stevenson, INTELITY’s CEO, echoes our shared commitment to health, safety, and guest wellness. With this innovative partnership, guests looking to take their sleep environment to the next level now have the tools to do so. 


At FreshBed, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of merging comfort and technology in the hospitality industry. Our collaboration with INTELITY is a testament to our dedication to delivering the world’s best sleep experience.  


For a more detailed account of our partnership with INTELITY, please read the full article on Hotel Technology News [here]. 


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