Allergies can be annoying during the daytime, but did you know they also can mess up with your sleep? If you’re a sufferer you know the usual routine: lay your head to rest and that’s when the coughing and wheezing start creeping in.

Yoga for Better Sleep: International Day of Yoga

International Yoga Day

Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice originating in India which focuses on transformation of the mind and body through concentration, mindfulness, deep breathing, and postures that stretch, realign and balance the body. This ancient practice, once reserved only for the spiritual, is now a global phenomenon that is practiced by millions the world over. Such a phenomenon, in fact, that in 2014 the United Nations declared June 21st the International Day of Yoga, a move which was supported by all 177 UN member states.

Experience is everything

Hotels met FreshBed

Experience is everything. And the payoffs are valuable. Travelsify, a content analytics platform, has found a disconnect between the way guests describe a hotel and how hotels describe themselves. By analyzing more than 100 million natural language traveller and expert reviews, Travelsify has found that while hotels tend to describe themselves in terms of standard […]

LANS Better Sleep Program 2.0

Freshbed Lanserhof

The Lanserhof Tegernsee has developed a new, unique program in which the most modern technical equipment and naturopathic insights interlock in each other to optimise personal sleep quality. The new LANS Better Sleep Program 2.0 diagnoses sleep and offers multidimensional approaches to sustainably optimising sleep quality. The most modern technology in combination with the renowned […]

We have a Winner!

FreshBed founder Barry van Doornewaard, his son and Adam Walzer from Rested | Sleep Engineering

FreshBed founder Barry van Doornewaard, his son and Adam Walzer from Rested | Sleep Engineering Paula Perkins form London is the lucky winner of the FreshBed that could be won by visitors of the FreshBed Stand during Somnex – The Sleep Show 2018 in London. On Sunday 14 October the winner was randomly chosen of […]


Somnex The Sleep Show is the place to be to stay up-to-date on sleep health. This exhibition will be three full days packed with talks, demos, workshops, treatments, advice, and innovative products all about sleep. No wonder that you’ll find Toby and Adam Walzer from Rested Sleep Engineering there too, the founders of Rested, the UK’s […]

Win your very own FreshBed at Somnex


Somnex: The Sleep Show is the first-ever exhibition dedicated entirely to sleep-health. Over three packed days, leading experts in the field of sleep will gather to share news, practical information, tips, and workshops about all things sleep. You can discover: informative talks by sleep experts and leading sleep authors, a showcase of the best sleep […]

Robert Kolenik & FreshBed: Edition Two

Freshbed iFo

FreshBed Edition 2 by Robert Kolenik The collaboration with Robert Kolenik started just before Salon Residence 2017, a fair organized by the Dutch interior magazine Residence, in the style of a pop-up boutique hotel designed by 20 of the best Dutch interior designers. Robert Kolenik designed the ‘Room of the Future’ at Salon Residence. Kolenik’s room […]

Introducing the ‘Built-in’ version

FreshBed built-in version

Imagine the benefits of improved sleep, purified air, optimal humidity, and the luxury of climate control under the duvet without compromising the aesthetic of the room that you worked so hard to design. It’s now possible with the ‘Built-in’ version of FreshBed. After many discussions with interior designers, we created a built-in bed system which […]

This year’s Nobel Prize will help you sleep

Sleep Nobel Prize

The science of sleep took one huge leap forward recently with The Nobel Assembly’s announcement that the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2017 was awarded to three scientists who discovered the molecular mechanisms that control the circadian rhythm in cells. Circadian rhythms dictate the ebb and flow of daily life on a roughly 24-hour clock. […]